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Most traditional strength programs focus on cultivating movements such as the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Each of these compound movements lays the foundation in your strength journey; however, our bodies crave more. We move in multiple directions daily, and many injuries occur when we least expect it.

What's Included in Simply-Fit?
  • Eight weeks of Strength and Flexibility programming
  • Eight Mindful Challenges to guide you toward being a little more present
  • A complete exercise Library with 50 HD exercise tutorials
  •  Lifetime access including any future updates

In 2018 I was burnt out from training, traveling, and teaching. The passion I once had to train seemed to vanish overnight. 

I was overtraining, which lead to a horrible case of elbow tendonitis. I stepped away from social media for a year and spent time focusing on my family and rehabbing my elbow. 

After a few weeks, I felt recharged and found myself sneaking back to the gym. Slowly but surely, I built back my strength, and I managed to avoid overtraining again too! 


So, how did I do it?  


One. Skill. At. A. Time. 


Short sessions focusing on one skill. 


The Unlock Series is built on the same approach that brought me back from my training slump. 


Over the course of 4 weeks, you will follow intelligent programming that focuses on developing strong joints and increasing your pressing strength.


I have worked with hundreds of clients who want to get their first muscle-up and the number one thing that holds them back is the transition. To be more specific - The Ring Dip.  


Some common complaints I have heard about the dip are


  • My shoulders hurt after dips
  • Every time I practice dips my elbows are sore
  • I can't slow down my dips. 


Unlock The Dip is a 4-week program that includes the following:


  • In-depth tutorials on my favorite dip progressions and mobility exercises
  • An online coaching community for folks working through Unlock The Dip 
  • A full exercise library that can be accessed on multiple devices


The programming for Unlock The Dip is tried and true. Trust in the process you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.


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