"I have been working with Chris as my nutrition counselor for the past few months. In that time, he has taught me so much that has been invaluable to me on my journey toward better health. 

Chris gives me tangible weekly goals that are all-round good habits while also being specific to me. The specificity of these goals makes being successful manageable and keeps me motivated. Week after week, these goals build on each other until they become second-nature, like brushing your teeth before bedtime. 

Chris employs a client-centered approach to his practice. He looks at and values the whole “you.” Working with him has helped me look at the bigger picture - how my health goals align with my values. I can’t thank him enough for his support and am excited to continue working with him." 

- Tal B.
"While working in the news industry that's fast-paced and has an ever-changing schedule, it's been a constant struggle to find a balance between eating healthfully, while also maintaining fitness goals and habits in a pain-free environment.

Chris has allowed me to build upon established habits and has worked with my crazy schedule. He wants to work with you, not simply for you. He takes the goals you have and helps you realize your 'why' behind each one. He makes wanting to live a healthful and fitness fueled life not so intimidating and completely attainable, as well as MAINTAINABLE, which, I've found over the years, is the hardest for me. I can lose weight, I can gain it, but I can't maintain my progress, especially within a healthy mindset.

Chris concentrates not just on movement, but on mindfulness when it comes to nutrition and fitness. He helps you establish and build up your healthy habits so they remain habits throughout your life, and lets you lead a life that's true, free and completely sustainable regarding your personal goals and needs."

— Marisa M.
“Chris is an excellent nutrition counselor. He gave me clear goals every week that gave me a sense of progress right away. This helped me break my own bad habits bit by bit. As a result, I feel better able to get back on track if I stray from the path. Chris is also a warm presence. His friendly demeanor and non-judgemental attitude set me at ease immediately. I look forward to our weekly sessions and will continue to rely on his help for years to come.”

— Jamie B.


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